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Last update: 2.7.2004

Author: ZSR



V 4.4 - 2.7.2004

A lot of new vehicles installed - mainly from Kubze and Venca. New scenario covering all EC/IC/international R trains from GVD 2003/2004. Completely reworked vehicle park for years 1946 and partially 1956.New backgrounds from Jana Kalousova. New section Missing vehicles on the web introduced.

V 4.3 - 15.2.2004

New scenery backgrounds from Jana Kalousova added. System of scenarios and rails changing completely reworked to increase attractiveness, additional backgrounds added. Now all EC/IC/SC trains from GVD 2002/2003 included based on data from Zelpage. Moreover, running description of start, destination, number and name of a train to each train in this scenario added and showed on the screen. All catenaries replaced by czech version from Kubze. From now only version 4 of Traffic supported.

V 4.0 - 15.1.2004

Compatibility with Traffic Screensaver version 4 introduced keeping compatibility with version 3. Real EC/IC/SC trains (GVD 2002/2003) from Kubze including special Timetable dedicated only to these trains introduced. New building from Jindrich Kalous introduced. Error generated by steam engines in background repaired. Full foregrounds/backgrounds added to the Year 1946.

V 3.7b - 29.12.2003

Description of animations added, see Download section. Only in the Czech language

V 3.7a - 28.12.2003

Installation notes How to downgrade Traffic Screensaver from the version 4.x to 3.9.1 – you can find it in the archive Readme.txt. New e-mail address

V 3.7 - 27.12.2003

New system of background implemented. A lot of new buildings available and used. Sky instead of black background implemented. The current version of the Timetables is at the moment compatible only with the Traffic Screensaver version 3.9.1F (for dowload see Download section) – it will be fixed in the near future.

V 3.5 - 15.3.2003

Background and moving elements added to all scenarios in all years. Many new vehicles implemented. New more effective code. Vehicle library split into nine parts reducing need for future downloads.

4826 pictures included.

V 3.0 - 22.12.2002

Background added to the scenarios 1995 and 2002. Moving crossbars and blinking warning lights driven by trains implemented into scenarios 1995 and 2002. Slightly improved freight trains generation model.

V 2.2 - 15.10.2002

Containers transport added, carefully added and reevaluated all vehicles to use only up-to-date and transparent pictures for future implementation of background. New engine generating freight trains implemented

Timetables from Vit Bukac - 23.9.2002

Vit Bukac sent his timetable file. Extract file into single directory and set included stock list cd.stk and included ini file.

V 2.1 - 18.8.2002

All years upgraded to version 2, new model of cooach trains generation based on Kubze's notes, czech traffic lights, animated opening doors (inspiration for vehile painters: try development scenario in the Year 2002 "Provoz na koridoru - Oteviraci dvere.ttt"), used vehicles reselected and enlarged

07.07.2002 - V 2.0 - New Traffic functionality used (GROUP, SECTION) - you can find in 1946 and 2002 directories new timetables All scenarios (changing random selection from all scenarios available for given year) and All groups (changing random selection from all lines available for given year), steam engines dont smoke if going backwards or stopping, a lot of vehicles added

23.06.2002 - V 1.6: Added 6 alternatives of engine 242 (collaboration with Kubze) in Years 1988, 1996 and 2002, 2 alternatives of engine 151 001 from Ice-bear and Kubze in Year 2002, diesel units in Year 1988


12.06.2002: - V 1.5: Year 2002 added


19.05.2002: Year 1995 added


07.05.2002: New bunch of scenarios covering year 1988, other minor updates


29.04.2002: New Scenario year 1976/ Provoz 1976 5R Scenario 17esn.ini – Systém change station 3kV/25kV, usage of new movement M=ECHANGE


25.04.2002: Minor error correction in Download files
22.04.2002: Start


You can find Timetable files of Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak railways for the program Traffic Screensaver on this page

Different scenarios present working on Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak railways in respective years considering locos, coaches and freight wagons incl. their paintings. Each year consists of various scenarios.

 1946 - After WWII recovery

 1956 - Top of Steam

 1961 - Electrification starting

 1966 - Diesel coming

 1976 - End of steam

 1986 - New color schemes

 1996 - Standalone ČD/ŽSR

 2002 - Today working


Installation notes:

  1. Install Traffic Screensaver either version 3.9.1F. or version min. 4.2.21F (Download on the author´s pages Current version of Timetables is  compatible with the Traffic Screensaver version 3 and 4.
  2. Delete previous installation of Timetables by deleting subfolder CSD within the TRAFFIC folder (TRAFFIC\CSD\)
  3. Unzip file JR.ZIP into folder, where you installed Traffic Screensaver (typically C: PROGRAM FILES\TRAFFIC).
  4. Unzip all libraries into CSD subfolder (libraries must be in the same directory as the file csdall.stk)
  5. Run Traffic Screensaver in CONFIGURATION mode.
  6. Select in the field "Stock list definition file name:" from the folder CSD file CSD.STK (TRAFFIC\CSD\CSD.STK)
  7. Select in the field "Timetable file name:" from the folder CSD\SCENARIOS\ a year of your choice a timetable file *.INI (TRAFFIC\CSD\SCENARIOS\YEAR\*.TTT)
  8. Run program by clicking on a button Test in: Window/Screen

Content notes:



Timetable files

Next steps:

 Scenarios of 1986, 1996 a 2002


 Description of vehicles in the file CSD.STK


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 Bittner, J., a kol: Malý atlas lokomotiv 2001, Gradis Bohemia, s.r.o., 2001

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 Bek, J., Atlas lokomotiv - lokomotivy z let 1918 -1945, Nadas, 1982

 Bek, J., Atlas lokomotiv - lokomotivy z let 1945 -1958, Nadas, 1982

 Bek, J., Janata, J., Časopis ABC, Technický atlas ABC - Železnice, 1972-1980

Other links:

 Želpage - vehicles paintings, real train orders